Mapping your journey to a net-zero emissions fleet

Map your decarbonisation journey with us

Shell Fleet Solutions is launching Accelerate to Zero. Our consultancy service and range of solutions are designed to help you map the best course of action to meet your fleet’s specific decarbonisation needs.

Every business will have its unique journey to drive their corporate fleets to net-zero emissions.

While many fleets share the same end goal of reaching net-zero emissions, every journey is likely to be different, depending on the needs of the business.

Shell Fleet Solutions launched the Accelerate to Zero programme to help fleet customers chart their decarbonisation course to net-zero emissions.

Accelerate to Zero brings together our full range of consultancy services and products in a tailored programme to meet your fleet's specific decarbonisation needs, partnering with you at every stage on the journey to a truly sustainable future both for your fleet and your business.

Our four-phase journey is designed to help you reach your net-zero emissions goals

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Visualisation of Shell’s four-phase journey to help reach your net zero emissions targets
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Phase 1 | Diagnose

We start by building an understanding of your current decarbonisation goals and conduct an analysis of your fleet performance using data sources. This is done via Shell Fleet Management Services consultancy or Shell Telematics EV Suitability Assessment with recommendations for ways to power net-zero emissions progress.

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Phase 2 | Build

Next, we build a robust plan with you based on the diagnosis, tailored to your fleet and business and identify any quick win initiatives to power your progress. Our experts will be on hand to guide you through every step of the implementation and provide ongoing support.

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Phase 3 | Deploy

Our team will work with you to ensure you deploy the right solutions for your business to accelerate your decarbonisation goals, from switching to lower emission fuels, providing on-the-go EV charging, installing EV charge posts, reducing inefficiencies through telematics to carbon compensation for unavoidable emissions.

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Phase 4 | Realise

Finally, we’ll monitor and track results, with recommendations to help your fleet reach net-zero emissions sooner. Our on-going review and analysis of performance will identify further opportunities and increase your pace of emissions reduction, as well as providing wider energy solutions to aid your business further.

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SAP and Shell have been collaborating for more than 40 years and share a common understanding of the world’s sustainability challenges. Our companies aim to be catalysts for decarbonisation across industries by advancing standards and transparency in emissions management. We work with joint customers and a range of partners to provide technology and energy solutions that reduce emissions and accelerate sustainable business practices. Shell also will help SAP on our own journey to become carbon-neutral by 2023 and to achieve net-zero emissions across our value chain by 2030 through joint projects in renewable energy and mobility. Shell’s Accelerate to Zero programme, for example, will help us transition to an emissions-free global car fleet.

Peter Maier, President of Industries and Customer Advisory, SAP


Image of Giorgio Delpiano, SVP Fleet Solutions and E-Mobility

Decarbonising business mobility is a huge challenge and our task at Shell Fleet Solutions is to help our business mobility customers to accelerate their plans to reach net-zero emissions. We are convinced that by supporting our customers in being more efficient and more sustainable, we will make them more successful. We can only achieve this ambition by working together with large and small partners, across the globe, who – like us – believe the time for action is now.

Giorgio Delpiano, SVP Fleet Solutions and E-Mobility

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