Shell Aviation operates one of the most extensive refuelling networks in the world suppling fuel, lubricants, and sustainable solutions in over 60 countries. Our supply refuels an aircraft roughly every 14 seconds.

We’ve been a leader in the aviation fuel industry for over 100 years. We provided fuel for landmark events like Louis Blériot’s crossing of the English Channel in 1909, the first non-stop trans-Atlantic flight in 1919, and British Airways Concorde’s first commercial flight from London to Bahrain in 1976.

These days, at our research facility in Houston, USA, we have expert scientists working to create new premium aviation fuels. Our innovation in aviation fuels and our high standards of quality earned us the title of Best Aviation Fuel Provider at the Emerging Markets Aviation Awards (EMAA) in 2010, 2011, and 2012.

Shell continues to be a frontrunner in providing high-quality products and services to the aviation industry.

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Shell Jet Protection

Protect your engine from SAP

Shell AeroJet

Our Shell AeroJet is a premium aviation fuel offering major benefits to pilots, operators and owners of turbine aircraft in Canada and Brazil. Shell AeroJet minimises or eliminates problems previously associated with the build-up of water in fuel tanks on business jets, turbo-prop aircraft and helicopters.


Avgas is the type of aviation fuel used in small piston engine powered aircraft within the general aviation community. These aircraft are predominantly used by private pilots and flying clubs and for tasks such as flight training and crop dusting.

Civil Jet Fuel

Today's kerosene jet fuels have been developed from the illuminating kerosene used in the early gas turbine engines. These engines needed a fuel with good combustion characteristics and a high energy content. 

Military Jet Fuel

Shell Aviation provides a number of fuels for military use.

Jet Fuel Additives

Improve fuel performance  to meet specific requirements of certain aircraft or airline operators.

Grades and Specifications

A full guide to the various grades and specifications of aviation gasolines and jet fuels and additives.

Aviation Safety Data Sheets

A safety data sheet (SDS) describes the hazards of substances and mixtures and makes recommendations for safe handling and use.

Shell Water Detector

A fuel water detector can be used in jet fuel to find out if there is any water that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

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