Shell Aviation has always been committed to working in close collaboration with our customers to help them achieve their ambitions.

It is this spirit of collaboration that has enabled us to support aviation’s pioneers for over 100 years. From powering the flights of early aviators like Louis Blériot and Amy Johnson, to designing the combustion chamber that enabled Frank Whittle’s jet engine to get airborne, Shell has played a role in making air travel accessible.

Aviation Falcon 7x Engine Rotterdam The Netherlands 2010

Driving progress and prosperity

Today, we are every bit as committed to collaboration, continuing to help the aviation industry drive progress and prosperity.

By developing safer and more efficient refuelling systems. By ensuring the security of supply and managing risk. Through providing expert technical advice to help overcome the industry’s challenges.

And of course we are focused on helping the aviation sector tackle one of its greatest challenges to date - carbon emissions. Shell Aviation is fully committed to working with customers to help power the global recovery while enabling them to move towards a low carbon future.

Shell Aviation works with our customers in a range of ways, to help their businesses succeed.

More time flying

Time is money. That’s the reason we are obsessed with finding ways to enable our customers to spend less time on the ground and more time in the air.

Peace of mind

It is critical for your business to manage risk, with an uninterrupted supply of the highest quality products at the right price. We have the infrastructure and resources to help.

Access to experts

A fast-moving sector like aviation regularly faces new challenges. Shell Aviation has a range of experts ready to provide solutions.

The future of energy

Balancing the benefits that aviation brings with the need to reduce carbon emissions requires bold action and real collaboration. We are committed to helping the aviation sector accelerate its progress towards a lower-carbon future.

Flight path

Flightpath: Exploring the future of aviation

Join our digital hub, Flightpath, where we share expert perspectives and offer potential solutions on issues that are central to the future of our industry.


100 years of avaiation

100 years of going beyond

Find out how we’ve been supporting the aviation industry’s pioneers and innovators for 100 years and how, by collaborating today, we can tackle aviation’s greatest challenge yet… How to fly but emit less.


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We're proud to have helped drive aviation progress through collaboration with some of the industry's greatest visionaries, for over a 110 years.

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We believe our customers’ success is the true measure of our own success. So we offer partnership that drives growth for our customers, partners and industry.

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