We partner with some of the world’s leading technology companies to develop and deploy digital solutions at scale across our businesses. The global innovation footprint is large and diverse, so significant effort is needed to leverage the richness of what is available to allow for more open free-flow of ideas and technology. That is why we operate a global open innovation strategy and collaborate with our business partners, universities and research institutes, suppliers and customers. Open innovation helps to ensure a healthy influx of new ideas and speeds the deployment of new technology. We believe open innovation is key to rapidly innovate and deploy digital technologies to help accelerate the energy transition. We actively support the development of common data standards and platforms to accelerate innovation and make it easier to share data across organisational boundaries.

Open Innovation in Shell

We strengthen local economies by promoting entrepreneurship, innovation and meaningful employment in digital tech through our collaborative entrepreneurship and innovation programmes. They nurture digital innovations as they aim to advance technology and support the energy transition.