“For all their diversity, the essays share some common threads: a sense of urgency and a sense of optimism; an understanding that, while remaking the global energy system will not be easy, it can be done if we work together,” writes Shell CEO Ben van Beurden in his foreword.

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The views expressed in The colours of energy – Essays on the future of energy in society are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of Royal Dutch Shell plc nor any of its subsidiaries (Shell).

The day the earth’s CO2 stands still

Imagine a world where carbon dioxide no longer accumulates in the atmosphere. The head of the Shell Scenarios team shows how society can get there from here.

Can sun and wind ever be like oil and gas?

By scaling up solar and wind power to the size of today’s petroleum industry, Dutch energy advisers Wim Sinke and Wim Thomas put those renewable energy sources into perspective.

Is the Chinese dragon green?

Two China-based energy researchers wonder whether the country with the largest appetite for energy can give up coal and go on a diet of renewables.

Will the UK achieve its true green potential?

When it comes to the challenge of meeting the UK’s future low-carbon energy needs, two analysts at the Energy Technologies Institute come straight to the point.