Progress at every turn

Every day, millions of people working in road transport around the world go the extra mile to keep economies moving and thriving.

But with around three million companies operating around 217 million vehicles, the sector accounts for 9% of global carbon dioxide emissions – and demand for road freight is expected to double by 2050.

As the world works towards net-zero emissions to support the goals of the Paris Agreement, how can a fragmented sector come together to reach this target and do so while continuing to stay profitable, connect people, and drive growth in the process?

Shell is committed to playing its part in reaching net-zero by 2050, in line with society.

By working with customers across hard-to-abate sectors to help reduce emissions.

Shell Commercial Road Transport has been helping keep fleets on the road for decades. We understand that reducing emissions is just one of the many challenges facing you and your business. These include improving efficiency, driving savings, and ensuring security for you and your drivers. As well as adapting to changing regulations and using the right data and tools to make the best decisions going forward.

We’re committed to taking this journey together, helping you make progress at every turn on the road to profitable decarbonisation.

Working together

  • shell sustainability


    A guiding hand to help you navigate your pathway to net-zero, efficiently and profitably, by avoiding, reducing, and offsetting emissions.

  • shell savings


    Helping you cap costs with competitive pricing and credit terms plus volume-based incentives and efficiency tools such as driver training and route planning.

  • shell convenience


    All you need to keep your fleet operating efficiently in one place. From Shell’s fuel card to Europe’s largest network of truck stops, fuel, lubricants, and road services.

  • shell control


    All the data and insight you need to ensure you stay in control of your fleet, with Shell fuel card and telematics info available via one easy interface.

  • shell protection


    Security for your business and safety for your drivers with fraud alerts and prevention and safe, secure environments to re-fill and relax.

Discover the route to fleet success


Our latest white paper, Navigating Roadblocks in the Long-Haul Road Freight Industry is designed to help fleet managers overcome the challenges they face today.

Developed with Frost & Sullivan, and based on discussions with more than 25 fleet managers across 17 countries, it provides an outlook on the state of global haulage along with expert insights on improving operational efficiencies and developing decarbonisation strategies.

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