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    Digital Supplier Collaboration

    E-Sourcing platform facilitates communication and contracting between Shell vendors in a central, accessible location. Supported by tools such as DocuSign for electronic signature, partnering with Shell is easy for any Shell principled Supplier with an internet connection. Tools like e-Auction and forthcoming digital supplier passports further digitise the way we link to our suppliers – streamlining and simplifying communication channels and digitally archiving supplier qualification data and contracts.

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    Seamless Transacting and Automated Payments

    Through our vendor portal, Shell suppliers are able to effortlessly confirm incoming Shell orders, as well as easily update the price and delivery date when needed. This prevents the need for manual requests and follow-up via emails, creating traceability and transparency for both our suppliers and Shell on the status of orders. As we continue our digital journey, blockchain-monitored processes will enable prechecking of invoices to automatically trigger on-time payments.

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    Demand Directly Connected to Supply

    Through supplier catalogue integration in business systems, as well as a central Shell Buying Hub, we are committed to enabling our Shell business frontline to self-serve through simple, intuitive end-user interfaces that effortlessly guide them on where to buy: right supplier, right purchasing channel, every time.

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    Speed and Flexibility for our Supply Chains

    While catalogs enable automation of the transactional supply chain, speeding up the process at which both Shell receives goods and our suppliers receive due payment, options like Dynamic Discounting give participating suppliers the choice to have invoices paid earlier in exchange for a discount on the invoice amount. The automated process benefits both Shell and Shell suppliers, who are also able to reduce their days sales outstanding (DSO).

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    Open and Transparent Relationship Management

    Thanks largely to the dedication, safety awareness and resourcefulness of our supplier partners, Shell continues to be the most valuable oil and gas brand globally. The value Shell places in these relationships is constantly being enhanced through our development and investment in new digital tools and processes that promote openness and collaboration, increase insights and enable quicker issue resolution. We believe the power of digitalisation will not only strengthen our supplier relationships, but also support our external partners as they too grow and transform their businesses.