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Transform your fleet performance with our Shell Shipcare portfolio which ranges from water and fuel treatments, general cleaning products to dispersants and fuel additivies, offering you greater convenience, smoother control and better control of your total cost of operations.

  • One single point of contact for end-to-end support for your vessels, from account management to technical support;

  • One order and delivery for all your lubricants and ship maintenance products in *major ports around the world offering you greater convenience; Our intuitive monitoring programme offers instant results and diagnosis for a peace of mind.

Designed to optimise every voyage and transform the performance of your fleet, our comprehensive range of treatments, cleaners and test kits provides critical end-to-end support for your vessels.

The Shipcare Product Range


Product Detail
Boiler Treatments We recognise that marine boilers require the highest standards of safety and maintenance. Shell Shipcare’s comprehensive range of treatments helps you maintain the standards you need to keep your ships working optimally.
Boiler Water Alkalinity Concentrated alkaline liquid for use in low-pressure and high-pressure boilers to prevent corrosion and control deposits.
Boiler Water Oxygen Oxygen scavenger used in boilers to remove oxygen and protect against oxygen corrosion.
Boiler Water Condensate Volatile amine-based product for medium-pressure and high-pressure boilers that readily dissolves in water to effectively neutralise acids in the system, helping to prevent corrosion.
Boiler Water Hardness Phosphate-based product that reduces calcium scale formation in boilers at all service pressures.
Boiler Water Combo All-in-one concentrated liquid which helps prevent corrosion and manage scale formation. Also contains an oxygen scavenger component to remove oxygen in the system.
Boiler Water Oil Traces Specially formulated dispersant which helps prevent solids such as scale from adhering to internal boiler surfaces, and keeps sludge deposits in suspension.
Main Engine Cooling Water Treatments Properly treated water is essential for effective cooling and to prevent corrosion.
Cooling Water Treatment Protective film-forming corrosion inhibitor that protects against cavitation, erosion, corrosion, scale deposits and electrolysis.
Evaporator Treatments Optimum evaporator performance depends on minimising scale formation.
Evaporator Treatment Polymer-based liquid additive containing polyacrylate, dispersants and defoaming agents designed to prevent the build-up of carbonate and sulphate scale deposit.

Fuel Treatments

Product Detail
Fuel Lubricity Ester chemistry lubricity improver additive designed to improve distillate fuel lubricity and reduce wear in parts such as fuel injector pumps.
Fuel Conditioner Novel dispersant system designed to improve the asphaltene management of marine fuels. It helps prevent asphaltene agglomeration and build-up in marine fuel storage, transfer lines, purifiers and filters. Overall, it helps enhance the fuel’s stability and compatibility profile.
Fuel Cold Flow Improver Designed to improve the cold flow properties of fuel at lower temperatures, including the Cold Filter Plugging Point and Pour Point.

General Cleaners

Product Detail
Air Cooler Cleaner Heavy-duty cleaner to clear air coolers on diesel engines and turbochargers.
Hydrochloric Descaler (HCL) Powerful, acid-based cleaner that removes rust, scale and corrosion by-products from ferrous metals and also contains inhibitors that protect the base metal.
Sulfamic Acid Powder Inhibited, organic acid-based product to remove scale and deposits in water pipes, heat exchangers, radiators, condensers, evaporators and cooling water systems.
Carbon Remover All-in-one product that combines degreasing, decarbonising and paint stripping into a single operation. A powerful solvent that penetrates and emulsifies away stubborn grease, oil, stains and soil.
Purifier Disc Cleaner Highly concentrated liquid containing acids, emulsifier and surfactants that easily penetrates oxide deposits and oily films on metal surfaces – while offering protection during and after treatment.
Multipurpose Cleaner Non-acidic, non-caustic, biodegradable cleaner suitable for use on most surfaces commonly used for galley, accommodation, engine room, cargo and tank cleaning. Provides rapid penetration to remove light oil and dirt.
Solvent Degreaser Concentrated emulsifying cleaner-degreaser that contains a solvent carrier and surfactants to remove grease, oil, dirt, carbon and other soil.
Rust Stain Remover Mild acid-based cleaner containing acids as well as wetting and penetrating agents. Easily removes oxides, nitrites, amides, amines, chlorides and other salts, neutral and alkaline contaminants, as well as lime deposits.
Filter Cleaner Heavy-duty solvent cleaner designed to remove carbonised oils, grease and dirt from fuel and lubricating oil filters, oil coolers and oil pre-heaters.
Electric Motor Cleaner Designed for cleaning applications where water wetting is undesirable or hazardous. The powerful penetrating action cleans away unwanted oils, grease, dirt, wax and carbon particles from electric components, metal parts, generators and cables.


Product Detail
Oil Spill Dispersant (Water-based) Dispersants are low-toxicity emulsifiers for dispersing oil spills at sea and hard surfaces on land. These are extra-strong emulsifying agents and solvent carriers that break up tough spills.
Oil Spill Dispersant (Solvent-based) Dispersants are low-toxicity emulsifiers for dispersing oil spills at sea and hard surfaces on land. These are extra-strong emulsifying agents and solvent carriers that break up tough spills.

Test kits

Product Detail
Cooling Water Test Kit All-in-one test kit for quick and easy measurement of pH, chloride levels and nitrite levels in cooling water.
Boiler Water Test Kit All-in-one test kit for quick and easy measurement of pH, chloride levels, alkalinity P and total alkalinity in boiler water. Suitable for low-pressure to medium-pressure boilers.
Chloride Test Kit Easy-to-use test kit that enables quick measurement of the chloride concentration in the water.
Nitrite Test Kit Easy-to-use test kit that enables the quick measurement of the nitrite concentration in the water.
Total Alkalinity Test Kit User-friendly test kit for the quick measurement of the Total Alkalinity (M) value in the water.
Total Hardness Test Kit User-friendly test kit for measuring the concentration of hardness ions in the water.
Alkalinity P Test Kit User-friendly test kit for the quick measurement of the Alkalinity P value in water.
Phosphate Test Kit Easy-to-use test kit that enables phosphate concentration in the water to be measured quickly and accurately.
Carbohydrazide Test Kit User-friendly test kit for measuring levels of carbohydrazide in water.
Conductivity Meter User-friendly handheld device used to test conductivity, Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) and temperature.
pH Meter User-friendly handheld device for a quick measurement of pH.
pH + Conductivity Meter User-friendly handheld device for quick testing of pH, conductivity, Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), Redox (ORP) and temperature.
Sewage Test Kit Fast, accurate test kit that makes it simple to measure the quality of final effluents sewage by assessing the permanganate value.
Photometer Hardware Test Kit Perform multiple water treatment tests on one machine with an ability to store more than 1000 data sets. The test kit is waterproof with a full colour High Definition display and is easy to use. Test results can be synced to the cloud server for easy recording and retrieval.
Photometer Starter Pack Test Kit Reagent pack which contains reagents needed to carry out pH, alkalinity P, total alkalinity, nitrite, chloride, oxygen scavenger, hardness and phosphate tests.