We perform at our best, at work and in our personal lives, when we are cared for and focus on our mental, social and physical well-being.

Our employee assistance programme, available in most of our locations, offers professional counselling support to people with personal or work-related problems.

We have developed an evidence-based Global Mental Health Programme to build a culture that promotes good mental health, protects against mental ill health and provides timely access to quality support and care. The programme offers tools and resources to improve mental well-being, to reduce the risk of stress and burnout and to eliminate the stigma relating to mental health.

Care through COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic saw the introduction of new risk assessments beyond those that are normally conducted in our industry.

This means we are adopting extra measures to take care of the health of our employees and contractors, whether working on site or from home, as well as our customers and the communities we work with.

For more information on our approach to Covid-19 visit our website.

Working together for a safer and healthier shipping industry

The shipping industry is vital for society, yet it has one of the poorest safety records of any industry in the world.

In 2012, Shell introduced the Maritime Partners in Safety programme with the aim of improving safety across the sector by working with the world’s leading 500 shipping and maritime companies.

The programme shares best practice material in order to significantly improve our collective safety performance.

Shell also commissioned the UK-based Institute of Employment Studies to research the factors that influence psychological and physical health in the seafaring community, the difference well-being has on incidents and safety at sea, and what can be done to help seafarers at work.

This research informed the development of the Mental health and well-being resources that are available on Shell’s external portal for its contractors and the global shipping industry.

How technology is helping doctors to save lives in remote places

Keeping the people who work for us safe and well is our top priority. We have employees and contractors in some of the world’s remotest places. So what do we do in emergencies, when somebody falls ill in a remote location or suffers an injury offshore?

Teams are on standby to transport sick or injured colleagues to hospital from Shell’s platforms, vessels and remote bases anywhere on the planet within four hours. It can mean a long helicopter flight or turning a ship around.

Every minute counts in a medical emergency, and an accurate diagnosis is critical. Shell uses telemedicine technology to help doctors to reach better decisions in remote places, using systems that provide access to a wide range of expert medical expertise at any time through internet and satellite connections.


Contributing to a more Diverse, Equitable and Inclusive World

Our vision is a bold one - to become one of the most diverse and inclusive organisations in the world. A place where everyone (from our employees, to our customers, partners and suppliers) feels valued, respected and has a strong sense of belonging.

Worker Welfare

Care for our workers reflects our core values and our approach to safety. We also know that when people feel cared for, they perform at their best. Our ambition is to respect and promote the rights and welfare of our employees and contractors.

Community health

We run projects, often in partnership with local NGOs or development bodies, that provide people in communities with access to adequate healthcare.