Today’s challenges loom larger and more complex than ever, making that spirit of innovation and collaboration even more essential. That’s why we created “Flightpath”, a digital hub to spark conversations, share expert perspectives and offer potential solutions on issues that are central to the future of our industry.


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Navigating the pathway to sustainable aviation

The aviation industry is on its way to returning to the skies, and part of that return must include reducing its emissions. The current options are limited and complex, but with urgent action and collaboration from multiple stakeholders and consumer demand for sustainable aviation still strong, significant reductions in aviation emissions are possible.

Accelerating technology innovation in aviation

The COVID-19 pandemic created many challenges in the aviation industry — but it also showcased the potential of emerging technology, from aircraft monitoring systems to remote inspections, and beyond. Such technology will be the key to improve efficiency, anticipate problems, and minimize risk in the future.

Aviation Tomorrow: the future of flight

The aviation industry is known for its innovation and digital technology development. Over the century, we have advanced to lighter and more fuel-efficient aircrafts, designed digital solutions that improved flight experience, and developed alternative fuels to allow planes to fly in a more sustainable way. It is through these innovations that the aviation industry has progressed and grown. Aviation Tomorrow is a documentary series that explores the trends and innovations that will shape the future of aviation.

COVID-19: a new era in aviation

COVID-19 teaches us a key lesson: people achieve more, faster when we collaborate with a common purpose. Shell Aviation’s priority throughout the crisis has been to ensure we’re ready when our customers need us.

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