Efficiency Briefing Bulletin

The total operating costs a company incurs over a heavy-duty asset; and the potential impact of productivity losses or downtime is a crucial - but sometimes unclear - view. Hence this bulletin discusses the importance of looking beyond absolute price and viewing financial and operational drivers as interrelated, both short- and longer-term. Get expert advice and industry practices to help you reduce costs and improve your bottom line.

Fueling Tomorrow Bulletin

From digital disruptions to paraffinic portfolio for cleaner burning diesel alternatives, this bulletin tackles topics that are set to shape industries in the coming years. With the energy landscape evolving, we discuss how to balance a perspective on tomorrow’s advancements with a pragmatic approach to implementing existing technologies today, to help future-proof your business.

Business Recovery Guide

As businesses adjust operations amidst uncertainties and economic challenges, Shell experts provide advice and tips how to manage and make the most of fuel.


On-Road Testing of Shell Differentiated Fuels and Lubricants

Shell and leading Automotive Testing Papenburg (ATP) set out to demonstrate the Total Cost of Ownership savings when using Shell premium fuels and lubricants in real-world conditions. Results include 8.9% fuel economy as a combined efficiency benefit.

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Off-Road Testing of Shell Differentiated Fuels and Lubricants

Watch how Shell and renowned test centre DLG demonstrate that Shell's premium diesel fuels and lubricants perform better than standard products in off-road heavy-duty vehicles. Results include 100% cleaned injectors and 5.6% more load-pulling power.

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