Tomorrow is my last day and I can’t help but feel nostalgic about this tremendous journey.

The start of it feels like yesterday; as a student, no other topic invoked more passion in me than climate change. After graduating with a business degree in marketing and a minor in environmental sustainability, my next step was a career in renewable energy. My offer at Shell came and at first glance, a major oil company that contributed to greenhouse gas emissions didn’t feel right.

After research and seeing it firsthand, I saw investment and innovation from Shell, a prosperous company, in battling this colossal issue. There was an enormous opportunity we had to make genuine progress, and I could help. Working in downstream businesses early on also demonstrated to me how integral fossil fuel use was to our daily lives; it would be challenging to differentiate.

Additionally, it became increasingly apparent that we tend to take energy use for granted. Too many of our world’s population had little or no access to electricity and that wasn’t fair. I worked to truly fulfill this demand in a sustainable way.

On this day, I feel full of pride, and hope. From my countless sales visits and work to acquire ventures in the race for solar and wind power, to leading marketing promotion campaigns on biofuel and hydrogen stations, to planting forests which cover the area of 7+ states, and to returning to school to learn how renewable technology operates, I played a significant part.

Because Shell encompasses a portion of the global energy supply, these actions do make a difference. It resulted in the net carbon footprint of our greenhouse gas emissions being cut in half today. I’m grinning ear to ear, and if that tells you anything, it tells you that, truthfully, this energy company makes change possible.

Market Account Manager at Shell

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