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    Get exactly what you need, exactly when you need it with sector-specific lubrication solutions developed by industry experts.

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    Protect your systems and progress your business with services, applications and products that cover a wide range of industrial applications.

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Sector Expertise: Powering progress across industries

Find out the sector-specific lubricant solutions offered and developed by Shell industry experts.

Services, Applications and Products

Whether you’re looking for greases or gear oils, online training, or oil condition monitoring, get the bespoke lubrication solutions you need to keep up with the competition.

Shell Lubricant Expert helping a facility manager optimise operations


From oil condition monitoring and on-site support to digital equipment management and more. Explore the insights, innovations and collaboration that have helped inform our suite of lubricant services.

Close up on the hydraulic system of an excavator


Whether you’re looking for a hydraulic fluid or heavy duty engine oil, a lubricant that can support your sustainability aims or one that’s designed for a specialised application, we can help you find the perfect Shell solution.