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    VitalyX, powered by Shell Remote Sense and Bently Nevada is a lubricant condition monitoring service to keep your equipment healthy, your costs down and your fleets on the move with real-time visibility of your equipment oil life.

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    Shell LubeMonitor

    Cylinder condition monitoring for two-stroke diesel engines that helps you strike a balance between oil and maintenance costs.

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    Shell LubeAnalyst

    Oil and equipment monitoring that enables you to identify issues early, reducing maintenance time and costs.

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    Shell Accuport

    Shell Accuport is a digital solution that allows ship owners and operators to transform their vessel operation with the power of big data, helping to remove the challenges of marine products procurement.

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Marine Lubricants

Our lubricants are designed for various marine applications, helping to keep your operations running smoothly and your costs down.

Marine Fuels

Your success today and tomorrow depends on ready access to high-quality marine fuels.

Port Services Guide

Explore product availability for Shell Marine lubricants and fuels in ports worldwide.


As an integrated marine solutions provider, our Shell Shipcare will offer you a one-stop range of maintenance solutions that helps care for your vessels.