Digitalisation in energy stories

Blockchain, carbon emissions and NFTs

Carbon management requires good accounting and transparency - blockchain and NFT’s could play an important role.

A digital world accessible to all

Read how Shell is creating an increasingly inclusive digital experience for employees and customers and take some of our learnings into your organization.

Moving the subsurface into the cloud

A new way of thinking about how we handle and interpret data, and the value we can get from it.

Towards a digital inventory for impellers at Shell Energy and Chemicals Park Rotterdam

Shell is adopting new technology to change how we manage spare parts for our assets. A digital inventory and on-demand 3D printing are key solutions in our effort to be more efficient and effective in maintenance operations, without compromising our focus on safety.

Can thermodynamic modelling help scale up liquid hydrogen storage?

Read how Shell leads a world-class consortium to develop and test designs of technologies to store hydrogen in liquid form, and how digital reservoir modelling techniques can help.

Checking in on nature with AI

Discover how Space Intelligence uses computer vision techniques to predict how well ecosystems absorb carbon dioxide and how Shell helped them mature this technology.

How breakthroughs in robotics are levelling up the productivity and safety of industrial workforces

We interview robotics expert Berry Mulder to explore the future of robotics in industrial businesses – and how robots will soon become our digital colleagues.