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Shell Bitumen CarbonSink

Where sustainability meets performance. Our new bio-component binder locks carbon into asphalt and bitumen, turning the road into a technical carbon sink with no compromise on quality or longevity.

Shell penetration grade Bitumens

PEN-grade bitumens for the world’s roads.

Shell Bitumen compact

Designed to help improve asphalt compaction and keep binders workable for longer.

Shell Low Temp (LT) Solutions and Shell Bitumen LT R

Our binder solution specially designed to work at lower production temperatures.

Shell Bitumen FreshAir

Our ready-to-use bitumen that can effectively reduce the impact of road paving on air quality as well as neutralise bitumen odour.

Shell Bitumen RC

Our Shell RC binder is specially formulated to work in combination with reclaimed asphalt materials, without compromising on surface resistance or durability.

Shell Bitumen with adhesion agent

Shell Bitumen products treated with our anti-stripping adhesion agents offers extra resistance to potential water damage.