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New: Energy Transformation Scenarios

Explore three new scenarios that consider the consequences of near-term choices, including implications for the pace of energy transitions and the impact on climate.

Rethinking the 2020s

COVID-19 is changing the world in significant ways. The Shell Scenarios team has explored the potential impact of the crisis.

What are Shell Scenarios?

Shell has been a pioneer in developing scenarios to explore the future and deepen its strategic thinking for almost 50 years. 

Sky scenario

The Sky scenario illustrates a technically possible, but challenging pathway for society to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement.

A Better Life with a Healthy Planet

How could the world meet future energy demand while reducing net carbon emissions to zero?

Scenario Sketches

We turn insights about how the world is changing – politically, economically, technologically and socially – into ‘sketches’ to help us think about the future.

Meet the Shell Scenarios team

The Shell Scenarios team brings together experts from an array of disciplines to understand versions of the future.

Earlier scenarios

Shell Scenarios since the 1970s have helped us understand how the world and its energy system could evolve in decades to come.

Shell Scenarios energy models

Two of the key long-term models of the world’s energy system developed by the Shell Scenarios Team.

Could planting trees help limit global warming?

Could planting trees help limit global warming?

Large scale reforestation could be a key lever for society to attain the stretched goal of the Paris Agreement. This, as well as other critical questions about a technically possible pathway to get to net-zero emissions are explored in the Sky scenario.

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