Fraud solutions for your peace of mind

We know the pressure today’s Fleet Managers are under to control costs and run a secure operation, so we make it simple to keep on top of where and when your money is spent. From our online portal to our network of sites, we have the latest security built-in to give you peace of mind 24/7.

Fraud solutions for your peace of mind

One partner – four security benefits

With fraud accounting for an estimated 5% of fuel spend 1  - and fuel being such a big expense for any fleet – improving security can mean major savings.

There are four key ways we help to safeguard your fleet:

  • Prevent misuse and overspend
  • Protect your business
  • Detect any unusual activity
  • Alert when you need to take action

1 Shell online survey

Improved security in only a few clicks

With Shell it takes just a few clicks to do anything from applying a spending limit to blocking cards the moment you spot suspicious activity.


We give you the tools you need to take more control of your fleet finances. With the Shell Fleet Hub, you can monitor your fleet’s spending day and night, and adjust your security settings to work for your business.

  • shell security limits

    Set limits by transaction, volume or value

    By setting volume limits per transaction, you can make sure fuel purchased does not exceed the task capacity of your vehicles, helping to prevent fuel siphoning and overspending
  • Purchase restrictions

    Purchase restrictions

    Control spending by specifying what can and can’t be purchased using your cards.
  • Set time limits – daily

    Set time limits – daily, weekly or annually

    You can easily set and change limits to control how much your fleet spends, so your cards will be refused if limits are exceeded.
  • Day and time restrictions

    Day and time restrictions

    You can also specify times when your cards can be used – for example, blocking them outside business hours.
  • Set service or product limits

    Set service or product limits

    You can apply specific limits to the different services and products your drivers buy – such as fuel consumables – so your cards have a total spend limit.
  • Country, network and site restrictions

    Country, network and site restrictions

    You can restrict card usage in different countries and networks and even at specific sites. This can be a good way to target more cost-effective stations.


Built-in security measures make it easier to protect your business from fraud.

  • Chip and PIN

    Chip and PIN

    All Shell Fuel Cards feature chip and PIN technology for more secure transactions – a proven way to prevent fraud, particularly in the case of lost, stolen and counterfeit cards.
  • Fleet ID validation

    Fleet ID validation

    With Fleet ID validation, only authorised drivers can use a card, adding an extra layer of security to Chip and PIN. If the correct Fleet ID isn’t entered, the transaction is refused. This system also makes it easier to track individual drivers and their spending through your paperwork.
  • Online, real-time authorization

    Online, real-time authorization

    At Shell stations, the Shell Card, terminal and central host communicate with each other before a transaction is validated. This real-time check ensures that only valid cards can be used.