Shell plc (the ‘Company’) on May 5, 2022, announced the commencement of the second tranche of its $8.5 billion of share buybacks previously announced on February 3, 2022. In the second tranche of this buyback programme, the company has entered into an irrevocable, non-discretionary arrangement with a broker to enable the purchase of ordinary shares for a period up to and including July 22 2022. The aggregate maximum consideration for the purchase of ordinary shares under the second tranche of the programme is $4.5 billion. All shares repurchased as part of this arrangement will be cancelled.

The maximum number of ordinary shares which may be purchased by the company under this arrangement is 473,893,931, which is the maximum pursuant to the authority granted by shareholders at the company's 2021 Annual General Meeting less the number of ordinary shares that were repurchased by the company pursuant to the share buyback programme announced on July 29, 2021, December 2, 2021 and February 3, 2022.


The data in the spreadsheet will be updated weekly on Wednesday for the previous week’s transactions.