As I prepare to close this chapter of my life and move on to the next, I can happily reflect on the journey which my career has taken me on.

Growing up in Houston, Texas, the energy capital of the world, the challenges that the world faced were central to my upbringing. I recall when I was 15, I heard a lecture by Nobel Laureate Richard Smalley where he outlined “Humanity’s Top Ten Problems for the Next 50 Years”. Energy and environment were two of the top five. I was energised. I’d found my purpose: to dedicate my life to help solve these problems.

I joined Shell as a Wells Engineer searching and drilling for oil and gas to provide energy for a thriving world. As the population grew and the condition of our environment worsened, it became apparent that the status quo needed to change.

I was inspired by Shell’s vision to provide more and cleaner energy solutions to the world and to be a leader in tackling these challenges. New businesses began to sprout and flourish; solar, wind, hydrogen, nature-based solutions and many more. Still though, the world would need oil and gas for the duration of my career, so I looked to connect the dots.

Today, we completely offset the emissions from our operations, by injecting CO2 into late life cycle wells as a means of sequestration whilst also boosting production. Additionally, we’ve found safe and economical ways to produce naturally occurring hydrogen from our existing wells. This hydrogen is now used as a feedstock for our global hydrogen fuel network – including for aviation fuels.

Though retirement is bittersweet, I’m proud to have done my part to provide clean, sustainable energy to power progress in the world and to reduce the negative environmental impact of our energy consumption.

Engineer at Shell

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