Shell Accuport's digital solution tailors recommendations to help make better decisions on marine product procurement - saving time and money.

Many shipping organisations suffer from suboptimal purchasing decisions and processes, which have a direct effect on your total cost of ownership (TCO).

An opportunity to optimise

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An opportunity to optimise
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Order Cancellations

75% of orders are amended or canceled before delivery

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Sub-optimal Lifting

27% of lifts are from non-preferred ports

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Late Orders

+50% of orders are made late

Detail 4

Small Orders

39% of orders are small volumes of less than 2KL

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Source: Shell internal data

Business Benefits

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    Avoid the cost of building bespoke data analytics by yourself, which can cost between $15 – $40K a year

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    Secure bulk deliveries in advance to avoid additional costs and operational disruptions due to rushed orders

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    Unlock up to 6% savings on lubricant purchases through order optimisation. You can also avoid small order surcharges and unnecessary fees

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    Automate administrative tasks, saving thousands of labour hours each year and streamline processes for your team

Source: Shell internal data

Shell Accuport Capabilities

Proactively manage all your lubricant operations in one place

Aspiring to be marine customers' trusted advisor on when, where, what and how much to lift


Predict demand

  • Monitor your lubricant consumption automatically
  • Notify you in advance when replenishments are required
  • Provide smart recommendations for your product purchase

Buy Easier

  • Instant price quotation for products you need
  • Place online orders instantly for your vessels
  • Adjust your orders online as the need arises

Improve Efficiency

  • Free up staff time and reduce labor-intensive communications
  • Avoid costs of inefficiency liftings
  • Streamline communication between vessels and office

Insightful Analytics

  • Value-added data analytics and insights for your vessels
  • Real-time tracking of vessel locations
  • Monitor and benchmark lifting patterns across your fleet


Marine Lubricants

Our lubricants are designed for various marine applications, helping to keep your operations running smoothly and your costs down.

Shell LubeMonitor

Shell Marine has deployed a suite of exciting enhancements to its Shell LubeMonitor service, to go beyond all other traditional “cylinder condition monitoring” programmes and position itself as the go-to place for all your engine monitoring needs.

Shell VitalyX

VitalyX, powered by Shell Remote Sense and Bently Nevada is a lubricant condition monitoring service to keep your equipment healthy, your costs down and your fleets on the move with real-time visibility of your equipment oil life.

Marine Technical and Digital Services

Improve performance and reduce running and maintenance costs with our suite of integrated Technical and Digital Services.