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What is Shell Fleet Management Services?

As the industry races to run its fleets more efficiently, sustainably and cost-effectively, data is in high demand. But data alone isn’t enough, only effective use of your data can help increase fleet productivity by 10-15%¹, while cutting costs by up to 25%.² That’s why our fleet management system combines the transparency and intelligence you need to see the bigger picture more clearly. Keep your finger on the pulse with a near real-time fleet overview and stay on top of finances with fleet management tools that help keep costs under control. Better yet, it’s all consolidated in one, simple system: our integrated mobility management platform that connects vendors, assets and drivers.

How it works

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Our global fleet experts will hold a consultation with you, to capture relevant data and learn more about your fleet. We’ll also show you how the system works, before building out a tailored solution based on the size and requirements of your business. 

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We’ll work with you to understand your challenges and targets, helping in four key areas:

  • Transparency – collating and consolidating your data. 
  • Cost control – managing spending and simplifying reporting.
  • Sustainability – offering insights into emissions data.
  • Expertise – providing expert operational support.
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Your Proposal

We will work with you to develop and implement a strategy that leverages the solutions best suited to your needs – along with digital tools to assist you throughout the full lifecycle of your corporate fleet.

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Advance efficiency

Finally, we will follow up and take action. Because, by enlisting expert support and data-driven solutions to help with operational tasks, you can spend more time focusing on your fleet and mobility strategy, improving driver satisfaction and driving sustainable growth for your business.

Press the marked areas to learn more about each

A range of services tailored to your situation and needs

  • Fleet and OEM tendering

  • Car policy design and review

  • Telematics and risk management

  • Supply chain assessments

  • Cost saving programmes, contract negotiations, SLA and KPI services

  • Company car to mobility transition

  • Communication strategy and stakeholder management

  • EV transition and powertrain strategy

  • Lease vs. buy vs. cash allowance

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Shell Fleet Management Services

A global management system

Outsourcing your fleet and mobility management not only frees up time internally, but also adds external expertise to your current team. And because our system absorbs and processes data right across the value chain, we can provide the visibility and intelligence needed to improve your global fleet and mobility strategies. 

It’s an entirely modular system too, designed around your employees and compatible with any policy, regardless of the ownership model. From acquisition to disposal, experience the full lifecycle support of our fleet management services.

Why choose Shell Fleet Management Services?

Supporting global, regional or local fleet and mobility management needs. Shell Fleet Management Services equips you with the tools, support and advice you need to stay ahead of the competition. Learn how we can help you control costs and strengthen sustainability credentials through data transparency and expert consulting. 


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Enhanced transparency of your fleet data

Through integration and consolidation, SHELL FLEET MANAGEMENT SERVICES brings greater visibility to the data flowing across your fleet. Coupled with smart analytics, this transparency can aid decision making and help operators drive fleet strategy with confidence. 

Collecting, centralising and interpreting your fleet’s data through a single system helps avoid unnecessary administrative tasks, leaving you with what’s really needed – clear insights and actionable reports. This enhanced visibility into your global fleet data gives you a near-real-time overview of your operations, while flexible reporting on key metrics can help provide you with: 

  • Greater control over fleet performance so you can streamline operations 
  • Increased savings thanks to clearer insights into your TCO 
  • Sustainability guidance on how to avoid, reduce and offset emissions

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    Total cost of ownership (TCO)

    When it comes to cost control, your data should be driving your decisions. Our insights help you learn how to lower TCO and stay cost-effective when dealing with leasing fees, fuel spend, insurance or tax. 

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    CO₂ reporting

    Smarter data can mean smarter driving, and ultimately, a more sustainable business. Our insights can inform measures to improve fleet utilisation, lower fuel consumption and reduce CO2 emissions.

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    Fleet spend management

    From contracts to forecasts, our data tools give you clarity over outgoings, helping you keep track of invoices, budgets, forecasting, costs and contract data, all in one place.

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    Payroll reporting

    Your people are what makes your business. Gain greater visibility into your payroll reporting, driver data and cash allowa