Shell procurement and invoicing channels

In principle, Shell will only accept invoices that refer to a valid Purchase Order and/or Purchase Contract. This is the primary way in which Shell procures goods and services.

In exceptional cases and for limited purchase categories, if clearly advised by your Shell commercial contact, you might be allowed to submit an invoice that does not have the reference to a Shell Purchase Order or Purchase Contract. Please make sure that such an invoice includes your Shell contact person (purchaser) details.

If your invoice is paid by credit card, your Shell contact person will advise you accordingly on how to submit the invoice and what its content should be.

How to submit your invoice to Shell

Shell uses SAP ARIBA as a common purchasing platform to transact with vendors. It enables you direct and real time receipt of Purchase Orders from Shell and immediate transmission of your invoices to the Shell Accounts Payable Department. If you are interested in joining us on the SAP ARIBA platform, please visit our Shell Guidance Document.

We continue accepting invoices in PDF format in countries where SAP ARIBA invoicing is not enabled. The list below includes Shell e-mail addresses for PDF invoice receipt. Please select the relevant country and Shell transacting entity to obtain the mailbox information. 

You should follow only one invoice submission channel, please do not send your invoices several times through different routes.

Please do not submit your invoices to Shell if you are on a supplier self-billing process with us. We will issue the invoice on your behalf and send it to you.

We do not recommend submitting invoices in paper form unless it is mandatory as per local legal and fiscal requirements and no alternative compliant electronic invoicing channels exist.

What you should include in your invoice for Shell

All invoices must be in accordance with local legal and fiscal requirements and provide all mandatory details stipulated by law. Please refer to the relevant official legislation to ensure your invoice is compliant prior submitting it to Shell.

In addition to this, please make sure that your invoice includes the details specified below. Any invoice that does not meet the legal and fiscal and Shell requirements will have to be sent back to you for corrections.

Shell Purchase Order information

Below Purchase Order details are mandatory in each invoice that you issue to Shell:

  • Invoices should quote only one Shell Purchase Order number
  • Shell Purchase Orders are 10 digits and 45XXXXXXXX series.
  • Invoice must not be for an amount in excess of the Purchase Order amount
  • Rates, quantity, unit of measure (UoM) quoted on the invoice must be the same as those quoted in the Purchase Order.
  • Payment terms must be consistent with the Purchase Contract/Purchase Order.
  • If your invoice is allowed to be submitted without the reference to Shell Purchase Order or Purchase Contract, invoice must include valid Shell Business Contact details.
Shell Billing Entity

Invoice must refer to the correct Shell Billing Entity as indicated in the Purchase Order. In case you are transacting with multiple companies of Shell, separate invoices must be issued for each Shell Billing Entity.

Details of goods delivery or services rendered

Your invoice should include following minimum details of goods you delivered or services you provided for Shell:

  • Ship-to location if different from Shell Billing Entity
  • Invoice amount broken down by Purchase Order line item number and Purchase Order line item number indicated
  • Quantity and Unit of Measure (UoM) of goods and services being invoiced
  • Description of goods delivery or services provided
  • Price and Currency of each item or service
  • Date of material shipment or service delivery
  • Your vendor name, address, tax ID information and remit-to information (bank account details)
Invoice Document Quality

Shell will only accept original invoices (invoice copies are not permitted) that are legible for processing. Altered invoices cannot be accepted.

Non-Conformance Criteria

Invoices received in Shell that meet any of below criteria will be returned for correction with a notation why the invoice cannot be paid: 

  • Missing or invalid Purchase Order information on the invoice
  • Invoice is not a valid Shell invoice (e.g. packing slip, invoice not billed to Shell, Statement of Account, etc.)
  • Invoice has incorrect Shell Billing Entity
  • Missing supplier information, tax details and remit-to details
  • Unclear, altered, distorted or illegible invoice copy
  • Individual invoice line item(s) not priced
  • Missing or incorrect mandatory legal and fiscal details

Shell Accounts Payable Contact

Queries related to your invoices submitted to Shell should be routed to the Vendor Helpdesk e-mail address: