The world is changing. As it does, Shell is changing too. We aim to make electricity a significant business. 

This means being involved at almost every stage of the power supply system, from generating electricity, to buying and selling it, to supplying it directly to customers. 

A move into home energy

Shell has rebranded First Utility, one of the largest challenger energy suppliers in Great Britain. 

From March 25 it will be called Shell Energy Retail. Shell Energy Retail will offer renewable electricity as standard to all existing and new residential customers, as well as gas, and a range of smart home technologies.  

All the electricity from Shell Energy Retail comes from 100% renewable sources like wind, solar and biomass. 

The renewable electricity is certified by Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin, which guarantee that, for every unit of electricity our customers use, a unit of renewable electricity is put into the grid.  

The company will be rolling out a range of smart home technology offers throughout the year, starting with smart thermostats and home electric vehicle charging.

Customer flexibility and control

"This is a good example of our approach to building a significant electricity business in line with customer needs," says Mark Gainsborough, Executive Vice President of Shell New Energies. 

"Shell recognises the world needs more energy with lower emissions and this offering gives customers more flexibility, greater control and cleaner energy."

Shell currently plays a role as a power trader and wholesale supplier in North America and, in 2017, announced its first agreement to supply to industrial and commercial customers directly in Germany, Italy and UK. 


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