We are expanding our solar power generation capability by investing in the development and operation of long-term commercial and industrial solar projects.

man working on the Shell solar farm, Oman

Here is a selection of our solar projects in operation and under developement.

Solar park at Shell Moerdijk in the Netherlands

With 76,000 panels, the solar park has a peak capacity of 27 megawatts. Read more here

Qabas solar project in Oman

First Middle East project launched by Oman Shell, comprises 88,000 solar panels and generates 25 megawatts. Read more here

Solar park Sas van Gent in the Netherlands

Official opening in March 2022 with 55,000 solar panels and peak capacity of 30 megawatts. Read more here

Solar panels

The Gangarri solar project in Australia

A 120 megawatt solar energy project. It will generate power from about 330,000 photovoltaic panels that turn sunlight into electricity. Read more here

Solar project in Canada

Shell and Silicon Ranch announced plans to build a 58 megawatt solar farm adjacent to Shell’s Energy and Chemicals Park Scotford . Read more here

Turning towards the sun

We are using more solar power at our own sites and building solar farms worldwide. We are also investing in residential solar energy storage.

Dowload the map of our projects

Solar panels, Silicon ranch

Shell’s solar platforms and partners

Silicon Ranch - The USA solar platform for Shell and one of the largest independent solar power producers in the country. 

Cleantech Solar - A solar developer that finances, constructs, and operates solar projects. The company is headquartered in Singapore and operates across India and Southeast Asia, focusing on long-term investments within the commercial and industrial customer segments.

Savion - A large utility-scale solar and energy storage developer in the USA. The company is headquartered in Kansas City, with projects in various phases across 27 states.

sonnen - One of the world's leading manufacturers of intelligent energy storage systems and an innovative energy service provider. The corporate headquarters are in Germany. The company has offices in Italy and in the UK. Across the globe, sonnen is represented by subsidiaries in the USA and Australia.

solar-konzept Italia - A solar developer acquired by Shell in December 2021 from solar-konzept International. 

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