At the start of my career many thought you could only meaningfully contribute to the energy transition through being an engineer. I thought differently. I believed HR also had a fundamental role to play and I sit here on the eve of my retirement with a wry smile of vindication and contentment.

I was born and raised in London - literally in the shadow of the City; I can walk to the Square Mile from my parents’ house. Growing up, things like the “energy transition” and “climate change” couldn’t grab my attention in the same way things like Mergers & Acquisitions, bonuses and investment banks did! From my studies I was aware of urbanisation and global population trends but, honestly speaking, it is only since working in the energy industry that my passion for solving some of the challenges that come with these developments has really taken root.

I recruited many of our global game-changers, including our current CEO. The one who, as a brilliant, creative and tenacious researcher, led the world in uncovering how we could viably harvest and store solar energy for industrial use. Upon graduating she could have gone anywhere and done anything, but it was our conversation that convinced her we would provide the best foundations to make her dreams a reality. As I write, the world is within touching distance of meeting the Paris Agreement and she has led our industry in contributing towards this goal.

As I retire the world has a different set of challenges to the ones that existed when I was a student. I pass on the baton pleased with the contribution I have made and continue to tell everybody who will listen that engineers, alone, cannot make the future.

Human Resources at Shell

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