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Sustainability reports

We publish an annual sustainability report and a number of other reports addressing various  environmental, social and governance topics.

Sustainability Performance data

We track our performance against a range of environmental and social indicators to work towards continuous improvement in these areas. This includes reporting on climate change and energy transition.

Voluntary reporting standards and ESG ratings

Our reporting is informed by a number of voluntary reporting standards and frameworks. We participate in a selection of ESG ratings most often used by our stakeholders.

Payments to governments

We are supporting transparency in the payments we make to governments and helping them to better manage oil and gas revenues.

Transparency and Anti-corruption

The Shell General Business Principles state our insistence on honesty, integrity and fairness in all aspects of our business. The direct or indirect offer, payment, solicitation or acceptance of bribes is unacceptable.

Advocacy and political activity

We share our technical expertise and have stepped up our advocacy efforts with governments.

Shell’s approach to tax

The payment of taxes is a central link between Shell and the countries and communities where we operate. It is a vital part of our contribution to national economies and people’s lives.

Preventing the facilitation of tax evasion

Shell does not condone, encourage or support tax evasion, and is committed to implementing procedures to prevent anybody employed or contracted to Shell or acting on Shell’s behalf facilitating the evasion of tax.

sustainability report 2020

Sustainability Report 2021

Find out more about our approach to sustainability and our performance data.